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How to navigate
"Learn and Apply"?

HR Map
Framework e.png

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HR map with the central HR fields of action:

  • clearly located topics

  • clearly mapped

  • with interactions

Navigation basis for all HR topics


What is the goal of
"Learn & Apply"?

Content of each HR field of action

1 Overview and consolidation:

Providing sound facts and clarity on the respective HR subject area

2 Related topics:
Pointing out and explaining dependencies and connected topics.

3 Alternative terms:
Creating orientation in the jungel of different HR terms with similar or same meanings.

4 Learning "Just in time & On Demand":
Location of all eTutorials supporting efficient, state of the art and targeted learning.

NYC Skyline BW

What can you find in
"Learn & Apply"?

1. Definitions:

for all HR fields of action in a comprehensive way and consistently used.


2. Explain videos
focussing all HR topics and the connections between the different HR fields of action

3. Challenge corners with:
provocative, but fact-based
backgrounds on HR topics and HR beliefs.

4. Exercises and ready-to-implement templates on selected HR processes.

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